What breed is my dog?

Upload a photo of your dog and let the AI identify the breed.

Tips to Get the Best Out of Dog Breed AI

Maximize the accuracy of the dog breed detection with these simple steps.

Use Good Lighting

Ensure your dog is well-lit, with even lighting to avoid shadows that might obscure its features. Natural daylight is best, ideally with your dog facing toward the light source.

Frontal Pose

Capture the image with your dog's face directly facing the camera. This position allows for accurate breed analysis..

Single Dog Only

Make sure only one dog is in the image to avoid confusion in the breed determination process. Multiple dogs in the photo can lead to inaccurate results.

Avoid Obstructions

Ensure that nothing is covering your dog's key features. Accessories like collars and bandanas should be minimal to not obscure any identifying traits.

Frequently asked questions

Our dog breed analysis uses sophisticated AI algorithms that examine the uploaded image of your dog. It identifies specific breed-defining features such as ear shape, muzzle length, fur pattern, and body size. These characteristics are compared against a large database of known dog breeds to accurately determine your dog's breed.
For the breed analysis, key physical attributes of your dog are identified from the uploaded photo. These include distinct features like coat color, facial structure, and body proportions. Analyzing these aspects allows us to provide a precise breed determination.
We prioritize your privacy. Photos uploaded for breed detection are not permanently stored on our server. They are only used for the analysis and are handled with the highest confidentiality and security. We ensure that your photos are not retained or used for any other purposes.
Yes, our dog breed detection service is completely free. We aim to provide this valuable tool to all dog owners and enthusiasts at no cost, supported by minimal advertising to help sustain the service.
Our AI-powered breed analysis is highly accurate, training on a diverse dataset including more than 100 dog breeds. While we strive for precision, accuracy may vary based on photo quality or if key features are obscured. For best results, ensure the photo is clear and well-lit.
Currently, our breed analysis is optimized for single dog photos. In photos with multiple dogs, the AI may struggle to accurately identify and analyze each dog separately, potentially impacting the precision of the breed analysis.
The accuracy of the breed analysis greatly depends on the photo's quality. We advise using a well-lit, clear photo where the dog is directly facing the camera without obstructions such as collars or toys. A high-quality image ensures a more precise analysis.
You're welcome to use the dog breed detection service as frequently as you like. There are no limits to the number of times you can analyze your photos, allowing you to upload various images of different dogs for comparison and achieve the most accurate assessment of their breeds.